Our Studio’s American Flag


We at John Prevatt Karate – Lutz are proud to be Americans and proud of our American troops serving at home and all over the world. One of the ways we show this pride in our country is with the United States flag we have on the wall of our studio.  We show our respect at the beginning, and end, of each class by first bowing to our flag and then to our instructors.

The U.S. flag in our studio is not just any flag. This flag means a lot to us as it was donated to our studio by one of our black belt instructors, an active duty serviceman in the U.S. Army, CW4 Stuart Nevills.  Mr. Nevills brought this flag back from a tour of duty in the middle-east where it was flown over Camp Phoenix, an American base at Kabul, Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, this flag represented our country, our ideals and our people. At John Prevatt Karate - Lutz, it represents those things and also reminds us of our servicemen and servicewomen who are committed to carrying out their duties to our country while in harms way in foreign lands.

For that – we thank them, and for them – we are grateful.