MASTER ZICO CHENG: Black Belt Woman of the Year, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Master Instructor of the Year, 1st Place ISKA U.S. Open Champion.

As a highly accomplished and certified 7th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Zico Cheng can be spotted from miles away with her beautiful long hair and a bright smile. Her strength as a Program Director is excelling in business operations and working vigorously to deliver the best in all of her programs. Her quality teaching has gained the respect of her peers as well as developed the many enduring friendships that continue today. Her love for the martial arts goes back to the fond memory of her youth in her native homeland of Taiwan. While growing up on the island, she was introduced to her first lessons as part of her daily curriculum in school. Later in life when she started her daughter in the martial arts, she decided to join in to bond in the shared activity. From there, her fascination grew and over time it became a passion that evolved into a career. During the last 25 years, she has been fortunate to train under the professional guidance of Grand Master Prevatt. Her commitment to excellence, combined with his instruction, transformed her into the champion and teacher her students know today.

Grand Master Cheng continues to share her expertise and experience developing her students into the top martial artists of today. Her optimism, vibrant spirit, and "Can Do" outlook on life are evident in her ability to bring out their best. She knows them all by name and loves each for their unique personalities, considering them and their families as part of her own.

Her motto is "No matter how young or old you are, it's never too early or too late to train in the martial arts." Proving this fact, some of her well known female students are senior citizens that have recently promoted to the rank of "Recommended for Black Belt," after years of training under her guiding wing.

Grand Master Cheng has also won many prestigious awards in various tournaments, championships, and certification events nationwide. Some of them are: Woman of the Year, American Tae Kwon Do-World Head of Family Sokeship Council; Black Belt Hall of Fame; Master Instructor of the Year; First Place ISKA U.S. Open Champions; Winners of the Battle of Atlanta; First Place USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame; World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Hall of Fame; First Place, First Annual Kick-Off at Tampa Bay; and many more in the areas of traditional forms, weapons, and sparring.

Master Zico Cheng